I first started doing music in the mid to late 90’s in my hometown of Frankfort, Ky, mainly stealing other rappers B side instrumentals and rapping over them through a boombox and karaoke machine alongside of my crew of friends. Soon it developed into making my own beats and learning how to engineer/record. The longing to do so came from being such a diehard fan of Hip Hop in it’s golden era. I formed a rap group (Baement Upstairs) with several of my friends, rigged together a makeshift studio and started my own independent label (Dubtape Records) . From grassroots promoting, hosting and booking events & shows, cutting albums, collaborating with singers, producers, rappers and musicians, freestyling at parties, rap battles, creating music videos, learning equipment to starting more projects (Embercast, Juxtapoze) and dabbling in experimental types of rap/rock and other types of music the next 20 years I submerged myself into the world of being an independent artist. Leaving no facet untouched or unexplored. 

Now years later, I have an immense catalog in my archives of over 50 albums, including my solo music and collaborative efforts. I can honestly say the experience has been an awesome adventure. Not only doing it but breaking out of the box and my own shell and being more than just another rapper. I coined the name “Hybrid” years ago because I felt that my taste in music was a blend of influence and genre so naturally my art became that as well. A mixture of tones, emotions, styles, fashion, singing, rapping, poetry, audio/visual, ups and downs, love and pain, etc. I fell throughout my career I played different roles, characters and archetypes but yet were always somehow still just me, thatsame old scrawny teenager that fell in love with making music years ago.